Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye Focuses and Meanings

  • Steady achievement of goals
  • Clarity of thought and sharpened mental faculties
  • Recognition of talents and abilities
  • Preparation for moving forward in life
  • Readiness to respond to opportunities
  • Mindfulness of practical realities
  • Intellectual and emotional strength
  • Courage to genuinely show up in the world
  • Each of the above naturally create prosperity and good luck
Tiger's Eye

Life Challenges Tiger’s Eye Helps With

  • Resolution of fear and anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Lack mentality
  • Self Criticism
  • Blocked lower chakras
  • Thriving through life changes
  • Disorganization
  • Lack of focus or direction
  • Low self-esteem


Tiger’s Eye resonates with the lower chakras.

  • First – Root
  • Second – Sacral
  • Third – Solar Plexus
  • Tenth – Earth Connection


Bring forth your dreams to Life. This Earth is an innovative, expansive, creatively-charged playground for your Soul.

Tiger’s Eye

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