Focus on What Gives You Life

You can always focus in any way you wish.

Your mind wanders in every direction you imagine – using all it’s been fed as fuel, it never rests. Images blending with sound, reviving memories, weaving new variations of old stories from evolving opinions, preferences, desires, and fears. Thoughts naturally float, reform, and dissipate like clouds. They require dedicated focus to take hold and influence your feeling experience, choices, and actions.

How Are You Feeling?

A mind focused and aligned with the pulse of Life generates a feeling space with a fast, rhythmic, synchronistic, peaceful, creative, expansive, vibe.

A mind left on autopilot, lost in it’s own mist, will produce that low and slow, lost, confused, exhausted, up-then-down, worrisome blend of feelings. The only remedy is to regain command of your focuses.

When your energy is feeling low and slow

Claim a spot for at least 15 minutes. Be still, breathe deeply, and simply notice your thoughts – let them come, then go.  Close your eyes and witness the show produced by your mind.

  • Are your thoughts supportive of your personal power and sense of joy?
  • Do they open your heart and mind to experiencing Life?
  • Are they focused on evolving the experience of Life you know you’re here to live?
  • Do they open you to sharing yourself, or encourage isolation?
  • Are your thoughts attacking others?  If so, for anger, righteousness, or for fun?

Don’t question or judge your thoughts, just notice the underlying focuses.

Feeling low is an indicator of outward focuses on people, places, and things that are out of your control. Feeling enthused and empowered are effects of inward-focus with the intention of harvesting the fruits you’re here to share.

Focus on What Gives You Life

Your focus is sacred.  Your whole Story has been, and will continue to unfold as, a reflection of how your mind is focused.

Your mind is inexhaustible, adaptable, at your command, down for whatever, at your beck and call, begging to be consciously focused in ways that feel True to you in this Life. If you’ve thought yourself into a mind-ditch and can’t seem to find thoughts to revive and enliven, you can always focus on what: 

embraces you as Is,
awakens your curiosity,
questions what seems to be,
knows the answers are ever-changing,
feels enlivened by continual discovery,
knows matter, thoughts, and feelings as energy,
sees into the Space of flesh and bone,
graciously stares down your fears,
reveals your Soul’s intentions,
relieves wounds your mind relives,
rebirths painful memories as wisdom,
is enlightened by human Being,
celebrates receiving what you have to share,
compliments your natural rhythms and beats,
loves you when you think you’re lost,
restores your natural frequency,
materializes ideas you live to bring to Life

Your mind, your focuses, your energy, your experience, your Life, your choice.


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