Focuses and Meanings of Carnelian

  • Ambition, action and perseverance
  • Manifestation of resources to achieve goals (due to focus on the above)
  • Initiating new beginnings with clarity of desire and purposes
  • Enhanced concentration and focus
  • Creativity
  • Attracting support and gathering the courage to fight for causes
  • Self-awareness (Knowing Soul) and self actualization
  • Joy and warmth
  • Balance and purify sexual energy
  • Fertility and virility
  • Embracing change
  • Leadership
  • Courage

Life Challenges Carnelian Helps With

  • Creative blocks
  • Low libido
  • Embarking on new life paths
  • Career transitions
  • Situations that require clear and expedient decision-making
  • Resolving intimacy issues


Carnelian primarily resonates with the second chakra (Sacral).  The focuses and meanings of Carnelian are also related to these chakras:

  • First (Root)
  • Third (Solar Plexus)
  • Fourth (Heart)


You exist to extend and evolve life  through your creations.  Your soul has the benefit of Earth, mind, and body to create as you wish.  You’re here now, so claim this life of yours.  Go – imagine, think, plan, initiate, create, implement, learn, explore, enjoy, share, and imagine even more.


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