A New Moon Crystal Mix for Spiritual Renewal and Earthly Evolution

The new moon is traditionally a time to focus on clearing your auric field and to open your world to experiences you’d like to unfold in the upcoming lunar cycle.

The energy of the new moon is an invitation to:

  • release and rebirth,
  • realign with your personal truths,
  • clarify your intentions,
  • honor your Soul’s guidance,
  • prepare for new beginnings,
  • establish a foundation for sustainable success,
  • develop focuses and plans of action for the next 28 days,
  • make the time to just relax.

This month’s new moon occurs on Monday, March 27, 2017 at 10:59 pm ET.

A New Moon Crystal Mix for Energetic Renewal and Practical Evolution

You can search the crystal guide for ideas, or just go with the crystals and stones that feel true to you.

I’m currently inspired to work with the following (as pictured above) during this new moon:

  1. Black Tourmaline to clear energy patterns from the passing lunar cycle, and focus on aligning my mind and body with the energy of our Earth (grounding). This feels like peaceful acceptance of what is so.
  2.  Tiger’s Eye to integrate the masculine and feminine within (wholeness) and set the intention of a naturally progressive achievement of goals. The feeling is inspired, creative, expansive, practical, and earthy.
  3. Selenite to draw a focus on opening blocked energy flow, mental clarity, and to clear any residual energy accumulated in my upper chakras from recent psychic and mediumship work I’ve done.
  4. Labradorite in acknowledgement of Divine Will and for balance, clarity of my metaphysical senses, and restoration of my auric field.
  5. Rutilated Quartz to amplify intentions for the next lunar cycle and open the flow of energy among my energy centers (chakras).

Create Your Own New Moon Crystal Mix

As with all things, this is merely a guide. Working with crystals is a personal and sacred experience because you are practicing your unique application of universal law.

As you choose crystals to work with honor what matches your individual purposes and intentions for your experience of Earth Life in the next 28 days.  Most importantly, have fun creating your life story!

Enjoy a blessed New Moon, Knowing Soul.

Explore Other Crystals and Stones

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