Red Tiger’s Eye + Black Tourmaline = Grounded Passion

This focus of this crystal mix is bringing to life ideas that are soulfully true to you. Black Tourmaline and Red Tiger’s Eye are both associated with the lower chakras – where we carry the energy of needs, desires, and preferences. Passion naturally arises when our needs and desires are aligned with our Soul’s intentions.

Soulful Passion Manifested as Earthly Experiences

In this context, passion is not based upon the manipulation of bodies and time to fulfill passing desires.  This flavor of passion is generally focused on receiving more than giving. We’re focused on Soulful Passion, which naturally flows as a certain, calm, emotionally neutral, Divinely-directed state of Creativity.  This is the passion that gives birth to ideas which touch our world in meaningful ways. These are our life’s purposes, our legacies – what we’re here to share through a Divine Exchange of both giving and receiving.

Grounding passion is like planting seeds in our Earth. Steady nourishment with your truest and most benevolent intentions in mind supports the transformation of passion into tangible, material realities. Black Tourmaline assists with conscious resolution of limiting beliefs. Red Tiger’s Eye inspires the confidence to move forward with practical steps required to materialize passions in meaningful, life-affirming ways.

Ground Your Passion Into Our Earth

If you don’t have these stones, just focus on the pictures and meanings as you invoke the power of grounding your passions in accordance with, and in reverence of, the Universal Laws of nature.  As always, your intuition rules – use any combination of crystals that feel true to your intentions.

Black Tourmaline and Red Tiger's Eye

Black Tourmaline

Energetic Cleansing
Clear Sight

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Red Tiger’s Eye


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Invocation for Grounded Passion

I am
the power of Creation,
weaver of dreams,
overseer of ideas that come to be.

There’s no need
to draw down Light.
I am That,
as I live and breathe.

Knowing myself soulfully,
I am free
of beliefs that belittle
my Soul’s magnificent journey.

Every idea accompanied
with passion arising
reveals my way
of crafting this life
in accordance with
my Soul’s desired legacy.

As I live and breathe
I am the power of all potentials
I’m here to be.

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