Orange Calcite

Focuses and Meanings of Orange Calcite

  • Happiness
  • Opening the energy flow (emotions) among mind, body and soul
  • Drawing universal wisdom into material experience
  • Enhancing creative abilities
  • Playfulness
  • Vitalize sexual energies
  • Innovation
Orange Calcite

Life Challenges Orange Calcite Helps With

  • New beginnings
  • Reduce mental chatter
  • Healing sorrow
  • Being at peace with others (forgiveness)
  • Resolution of sexual and reproductive issues
  • Childbirth
  • Emotional stress
  • Grounding the intensity of Kundalini rising


First (Root Chakra)

Second (Sacral Chakra)

Keep this stone close to your body.


Why wouldn’t you focus on all that makes you feel alive?  Celebrate your Soul purposes, master your crafts, make love, play, and share your creative wisdom – for the sheer joy of living. This is what you’re here to do.

Orange Calcite

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