Focuses and Meanings of Citrine

  • Alignment with Divine Will
  • Enjoying the feeling experience of your Soul
  • Amplification of affirmations and intention
  • Material manifestation of personal vision and goals
  • Opening intuitive channels and psychic development
  • Clearing energetic blocks

Life Challenges Citrine Helps With

  • Letting go of fears and anxiety (through affirmative thoughts)
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • Opening energetic channels in preparation for lightwork
  • Igniting the Divine Spark during periods of low motivation
  • Rising out of depression
  • Resolving low self-esteem
  • Lack mentality
  • Soul retrieval – reclaiming aligning with your Soul’s essence during a spiritual disconnect
  • Maintaining steady focus and progress in a initiative
  • Refining intention, vision, and goals


Citrine opens and clears all chakras. It’s especially well suited for focusing on the following chakras:

  • Second – Sacral Chakra
  • Third – Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Sixth – Third Eye Chakra
  • Seventh – Crown Chakra


Light is always present, even in the darkest of nights, dear Soul. Living as the joyous power of life only requires your recognition of our ever-present Light.

– Citrine

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