Crystal and Stone Guide

A Note About This Guide

Many believe crystals hold special powers, many don't believe they do at at all - and everyone is right. Beliefs aside, our feelings about a person, place, idea, situation, or thing determine our experience of it. We're influenced by the meanings we associate with any form of matter, and our feelings about our perceived human existence determines our experience of life.

This blog is about knowing soul - a state of being that transcends the limits of belief, including the assignment of special powers to crystals or any other form of matter. You, dear Soul, are the most powerful manifestation of Earth form you'll ever know of.

I share this Crystal Guide with you because I find crystals, stones and rocks to be beautiful representations of Earth. I enjoy capturing them in pictures and adorning my home, body (and blog) with them. The collective meanings assigned to crystals can be wonderful ways of focusing our thoughts in life-affirming directions. They don't hold any more energetic memory or special power than any other object we assign meaning to.

So, please don't take the meanings of crystals and stones written about here too seriously - this is simply a guide for you to personalize and expand upon as you wish. You're free to assign any meaning to any form or matter - even if that meaning contradicts what most people think.

As always, my wish for you is a continual recognition of whatsoever of our Earth feels divine to you, Knowing Soul.

Keep Life Light,


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