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If our paths have yet to cross, or you’ve never experienced a psychic or mediumship reading, take a moment to read about what to expect at

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How to Book a Session

Click BOOK next to your desired service to select the length of your session, reserve a time, and to choose whether we’re meeting by phone or video conference.

The appointment times shown reflect my current availability and are Eastern Standard Time.

Please contact me directly to schedule an in-person reading.

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Psychic and Mediumship Readings

Introductory Spiritual Reading

If our paths have yet to cross, schedule this free introductory spiritual reading to become acquainted with my style of service.


Spiritual Reading for One

A moment to explore your individual experience.

Gain clarity on the purposes, patterns and people in your world as you experience the wisdom of your family in Spirit, and most importantly, yourSelf.


30 Minutes: $60
45 Minutes: $90
60 Minutes: $120
90 Minutes: $180

Click BOOK to see available times.

Spiritual Reading for Two

If you’re ready to transcend the mundane challenges of relating, and rediscover the spiritual purposes of your intimate connections, bring a partner or friend to explore the flow of your shared Life experience.


1 Hour: $140
1 1/2 Hours: $210
2 Hours: $280

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Pay What You Can for a 10 Minute Reading

Available on Mondays between 7pm and 10pm Eastern Time

This service is ideal when you desire quick insight on a specific focus. This isn’t adequate time for a mediumship reading. If I’ve channeled Spirit on your behalf before, you know that a great deal of information is shared in 10 minutes. Please arrive with a clear intention of how you’d like to use our time, and be prepared to take notes.

Please consider these guidelines, which support my ability to extend this service to you:

  • Only telephone sessions are offered for pay as you wish services.
  • Recordings won’t be provided as they are for regular sessions.
  • Arrive focused and free of distractions. Our session will end at the 10 minute mark.


A minimal investment of $8 is required to cover the basic expenses of extending this service. The normal rate for 10 minutes is $20. Click ‘BOOK” to specify what you can pay.

Click BOOK to see available times.

Love Offerings

This is where you can submit payment for additional time and services I’ve extended to you. Your offering also extends the reach of my services to those in need of spiritual guidance who cannot afford to pay.

Your support makes Knowing Soul LLC possible. Thank you for valuing my service and receiving what comes through me!

Spiritual Readings for Three or More

Create an event for family, friends or associates!

Any group with a common focus, goal, or concern will benefit from a group reading. These readings are held in-person, and via phone and video conference – so attendees can call in by phone or connect by computer from anywhere in the world.

My services can be applied in many ways:

  • Gather family for an ancestral mediumship reading.
  • Explore spiritual purposes and connections with your beloveds.
  • Bring associates together to strategize and generate an action plan to reach a common goal.
  • The possibilities are endless…


1 1/2 Hours: $210
2 Hours: $280

Additional fees may apply for in-person gatherings to cover travel expenses.

To schedule, or if you have questions about setting up a group gathering:

  1. Email or use my contact form to send the date, time, location and number of attendees you have in mind.
  2. Once I receive your appointment request, I’ll contact you to finalize the details.
  3. If your group session will be held by phone or video conference, I’ll email instructions on how your group will connect to the conference.

Life Coaching Sessions

Introductory Life Coaching Meeting

Schedule this free introductory life coaching meeting to see my style of coaching will be a good match for you.

Please note:

  • In-person sessions aren’t available for this introductory meeting. We’ll meet by phone or video conference.
  • Please read Is Life Coaching for You? before we meet.


Life Coaching Sessions: 1 Month

If we’ve agreed to enter into a life coaching engagement, this is where you submit payment and establish your meeting schedule for the next month.


3 sessions with unlimited email support: $480


Life Coaching Sessions: 3 Months

Submit payment and establish your meeting schedule for three months and receive a 5% discount off the monthly rate.


9 sessions with unlimited email support: $1,367