A Crystal Mix and Meditation for Clear Communication of Your Truths

Whether you need to have a meaningful one-to-one conversation or will be communicating with many, this crystal mix and mediation will align your mind with your heart, and heighten your intuition so your words will clearly reflect your knowledge, wisdom, and truths.

As communication requires at least 2, we’ll also focus on opening to receive the perspectives and wisdom of others.

If you don’t have these crystals, simply focus on the images and words. Your spiritual practices, beliefs, and tools you may use (such as crystals) are just ways of directing your attention and intentions. A conscious and benevolent focus of your mind is all that’s actually required to experience life as you desire.

The Meditation

Let Your Breath Set The Tone

  1. Take one deep breath in through your nose at a steady and relaxed pace until your lungs are completely full.
  2. Hold your breath for several seconds.
  3. Breathe out through your mouth steadily until your lungs are empty.
  4. Take another deep breath and continue this deep rhythmic breathing throughout the meditation.

Prehnite (with Epidote): Open Your Heart

Unconditional Love  –  Peace and Joy  –  Precognition and Visualization

PrehniteHold Prehnite close to your heart.

Focus on your heart chakra (including the front, sides and back of your body). Grounding and opening your heart stimulates a flow of energy from your lower chakras (survival and emotional needs) up through your upper chakras (mental and metaphysical faculties).

As you breathe visualize a free flowing energy stream flowing from the infinite Universe through your head, down through your feet, into the Earth, back up through your body and into the Infinite. Imagine the flow as an infinity symbol with your heart chakra being the center point.

Feel the energy of Prehnite as you hold it at your heart center.

Recognize your heartbeat, and allow each beat to purify your intentions for this meditation. Perceptions and thought patterns that don’t serve your wellbeing cause discomfort (like worry and physical tension) because they’re not of you. Acknowledge worrisome thoughts if they arise, embrace their purpose, and let them be as you consciously focus on the energy and beauty of Prehnite at your heart.

At heart, you seek to share the purposes of it’s beats. Celebrate this simple fact and focus on the rhythm of your heart as if that’s all there is to know in this moment.

As you breathe with an awareness of your heartbeat, you’ll begin to feel and recognize the frequency of your Soul.

Visualize those you want to communicate to.  Set an intention to connect with them by heart.  

Citrine: Your Soul’s Glow

Stimulating Intellectual and Creative Processes  –  Optimism  –  Confidence


Citrine amplifies your energy (how you’re feeling), so don’t skip the heart-grounding with Prehnite. If feel anxiety, go back to the beginning and breathe deeply.

Place Citrine on your solar plexus. Used with Prehnite, it will assist in merging your will with your heart’s intentions. It’s important to focus your will on what you have control over (your feelings, perspectives, and actions), as opposed to what you want someone or something else to be or do.

As you breathe in, draw your focus to solar plexus. Imagine the golden rays of Citrine as light filling your physical and energetic body. Focusing on the optimism of Citrine clears and opens all energy centers.

Breathe out feeling your desires and intentions being stripped of doubt, regret, and frustrations that have stifled their expression.

Clarify what you want to express.  State your intention.

Blue Chalcedony: Express your Truth and Wisdom

Relaxation and serenity  –  Clear, objective, and peaceful expression of truths  –  Stabilization of Emotions

Blue Chalcedony

Now that you’ve opened your heart, aligned with the desires of your will, and purified your intentions with your heart, it’s time for expression.

Blue Chalcedony opens the throat and third eye chakras. It’s energy supports clear and compassionate expression of the true feelings, thoughts, and ideas that originated in your lower chakras.

Blue Chalcedony also opens you to absorbing the heartfelt meanings of other’s expressions and helps you accept other points of view.  So you won’t just hear others, you’ll intuitively understand their expressions despite differing perspectives and previous misunderstandings.

Are you still breathing deeply?  If so, you should feel relaxed and open to expressing your Soul’s wisdom.

Hold your Blue Chalcedony close to your throat, mouth, and/or on the center of your forehead. Breathe in focusing on what you intend to communicate. Breathe out knowing your expressions will be shared in a way that promotes unity, intelligence, and compassion.

Go Forth and Express Your Truths with Clarity and Purpose

Make note of any shifts in your perceptions and feelings.  Write down words and ideas that have naturally arisen.

Set your crystals out where you’ll see them, or carry them with you. If you don’t have these crystals, print the photo in this post.  Simply looking at them will keep your focus and perceptions aligned with clearly and compassionately communicating your truths.

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