Psychic Readings are Sacred Soulful Communions

What we commonly call psychic readings are sacred Soul to Soul communions honoring our human experience. We all connect and communicate psychically at all times, with all things. It only takes an open heart and mind to see the Life stories each of us are creating, broadcasting and exuding energetically.

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You are All That Is

Suddenly, you’ll know
you are All that Is.

You will know
a tremendous sense of relief,
an unfathomable release,
familiar like family with
comfort, grace and strength
beyond the realm of human belief.

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Red Tiger’s Eye + Black Tourmaline = Grounded Passion

Grounding passion is like planting seeds in our Earth. Steady nourishment with the truest intentions in mind supports the transformation of passion into tangible, material realities. Black Tourmaline assists with conscious resolution of limiting beliefs, and Red Tiger’s Eye inspires the confidence to move forward with practical steps required to materialize passions in meaningful, life-affirming ways.

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